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    Abundant facts and convincing evidence equate number synchronicity to a beacon of light in
    a storm, providing guidance and comfort during times of chaos, transition, and uncertainty.

    Worldwide, number synchronicity stimulates spiritual awakening, growth, and enlightenment.
    These transformative experiences remind, verify, and unite. But, questions remain:

    Why these numbers? What does it mean?
    Who sent it? Could it be a message we sent to ourselves?
    Is it a code, message, or beacon? Can it be deciphered?

    With skills to find things overlooked by others, Skot Jonz has observed (and documented)
    number synchronicity since the 1970s while working as an archaeologist. Studies in
    transpersonal psychology and a doctorate in metaphysical science provide a rare balance
    between science and spirituality.

    Bridging the gap between scientific objectivity and outrageous speculation, Number
    Synchronicity maintains the middle path. In pursuit of the truth, seemingly separate threads
    weave the fabric of a new understanding.

    Number Synchronicity includes the following:
    •        An overview of numerology, synchronicity, and consciousness
    •        Over a thousand examples of master numbers assembled in categories of nature, world
    religions, space exploration, sports, entertainment, trivia, history, and world news events
    •        True stories illustrate the nature and persistence of the phenomenon evidencing how
    synchronicity often manifests with numbers – déjà vu dreams come true, presidential
    premonitions, mystical experiences at Machu Picchu, a mysterious stranger from the past, a
    blessing by the Dalai Lama, and other true adventures.
    •        Comments from surveys and website summaries emphasize international
    •        Practical applications for picking political leaders and predicting a peaceful future

    Some of the stories within the story include a proliferation of number synchronicities around
    Y2K, September 11, the Iraq War, and the 2004 US Presidential election, among many others.
    The numerology of presidential candidates may indicate whether the country made the right
    decision in the election. Based on clear evidence, anyone can notice the auspicious patterns
    pointing to the most likely winner, from a numerological perspective.

    A presidential premonition when I met Bill Clinton after his first term as governor in Arkansas,
    and a later presidential premonition while walking by the Governor’s mansion in Austin in
    1999 add credibility and unique perspective.

    At the time of publication, September 2004, and after two decades of following the trail of
    numbers, I felt confident in the Epilogue in predicting a few events, such as the outcome of
    the 2004 presidential election. The prediction was soon proven wrong, and in a follow-up
    article entitled “Picking a President by the Numbers” I explore why.  Whether before or after
    the ’04 election, numerological analyses of candidates for 44th US President add practical

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